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2 Sep

Some people are nice. Today I cycled home in light rain. The road is partly on a car lane and I stopped behind the traffic light. There was already one cyclist waiting. He turned around and gave me an apple from the bag he had in front of him. I said thanks and that his backpack was a bit open. He asked if I could close it. I closed it. He said thanks. We smiled, said goodbye and continued our journeys.

Some people are less nice. Ten minutes later I almost crashed with a cyclist who was cycling and texting on the same time.

So little

30 Aug

so little

21 Jul


Moonid ja maasikad Muusikas. Otsige üles.
Minu viisid kohale toredad töökaaslased.

Poppies and strawberries in the village called Music. Find it.
I was taken there by my great colleagues.

Foto: Nele klõpsutas