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29 Oct


25 Oct


What can I do?

23 Oct

7 strange questions that help you find your life purpose.

Some thoughts:

What can I do with my time that is important?
Everything sucks some of the time.
What is true about you today that would make your 8-year-old self cry?
Before you are able to be good at something and do something important, you must first suck at something and have no clue what you’re doing. That’s pretty obvious.
The more a major life decision scares you, chances are the more you need to be doing it.
What most people don´t understand is that passion is the result of the action, not the cause of if.
If you knew you were going to die one year from today, what would you do and how would you want to be remembered?

 (Mark Manson)

Lumi. Esimene.

21 Oct
18 Oct

But the real challenge in my life, the real hardship, is me. It’s always been me. As long as I can remember, I’ve never not been afraid. Afraid of failure. Of letting people down. Hurting people. Getting hurt. I thought if I kept my guard up and focused on other things, other people… If I couldn’t even feel, well, then no harm would come to me. I screwed up. Not only did I shut out the pain, I shut out everything. The good and the bad. Until there was nothing. It’s fine to just “live in the now”. But the best part about “now” is there’s another one tomorrow. And I’m gonna start making them count.

(from the movie Spectacular Now)

17 Oct

sügisõhtuBeautiful side of finishing the work day after it gets dark.
Õhtupimeduses tööpäeva lõpetamise ilusam pool.


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