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Balti jaamas

31 Aug

balti jaamas


About choices

28 Aug

 You want more? TED playlist: How we make choices


27 Aug

So many times in a day happens that when I reach my hand for a tea cup (into which I have just made one nice and warm tea), I find out that the cup is empty. Who is drinking my tea? Paranoia of a teaholic.

Maasikad / Strawberries

24 Aug



Täitsin ühe oma lapsepõlveunistuse.
I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams.



25 aastat tagasi / 25 years ago

23 Aug

Mina olin siin.

I was here.

20 Aug

yes, you

18 Aug

Who said there is only one right way?

(From the prep-meeting for international seminar on the topic of NEETs, but valid for everything)