28 Jun

What happens if people are nice? You get an early morning date with the man who sells the locks.

I went to the shop to get a lock and a doorhandle for the new door. After looking different options (without having an idea what exactly is suitable), I asked some help. I explained the situation as good as I was able and then the man who sells the locks explained the options. I understood about half of what he said. He understood that I had understood only an half (probably based on the following stupid questions I had made and after I had dragged him to the other part of the shop to see what kind of door I more or less have). He proposed that I could make a photo of my door, measure all the details and come back tomorrow morning, so that I could for sure get the lock that suits. Being a bit scared that he might just want to get rid of me and I will have to start from the beginning tomorrow, I asked: „Are you at work tomorrow?“. He smiled and answered: „Yes, otherwise I would not have proposed the date.“ .“ It´s good to find people who are ready to help you with the things about which you have no idea.  :o)


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  1. helena June 30, 2014 at 12:07 pm #

    vàga àge 🙂

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