16 Jun

Tahan lihtsalt hetki, mida mäletada.

(filmist Kirsitubakas)


Mere ääres

9 Apr

mere ääres

Iga kord kui ma mere äärde lähen või satun, mõistan, et peaksin seal palju sagedamini käima. Kloogarannas, 9.04.16

Laupäev / Saturday

13 Dec






Marimetsa raba, 12.12.15, pildistas Nele

Mont Blanc

7 Nov

I have to admit that after the events of previous few years I´m quite scared of flying. So few days ago, when I did have to travel by plane, I was hoping that none of the people on the plane are extremely depressed and was looking out of the window to see how far the plane is from the Alps. The Alps were very close, especially one very high mountain. And then the pilot said: „If you are sitting on the right side of the plane, then this is your day. Look out of the window and you will get a very good look at the Mont Blanc.“ Wow! So that´s how you pass by the highest peak of central Europe. A very special view!

Unfortunately I have no photo to show, because my phone was switched off and I did not want to risk with turning it on.

Hommik / Morning

31 Oct


Viinistu, Estonia
foto klõpsutas Nele
no filters / no Photoshop

Üllatus liftis

22 Oct


18 Oct

rattal sakku